Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes is the third in a series of works based on the wolves living at Mission: Wolf in Colorado. Tiger and his sister, Rosie Valkyrie, were born in 2013. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2013 / 48″ x 32″ / $3000

The Old Codger

“You can’t be as old as I am without waking up with a surprised look on your face every morning: ‘Holy Christ, whaddaya know—I’m still around!’”—Paul Newman Fabric Collage Quilt, 2012 / 37″ x 39″ / $ 2550

Water Tiger

There’s more than one way to be a cool cat. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2013 / 30″ x 34″ / $1400

Spot Remover

Grooming is important. When it comes to getting a little help with that job, it doesn’t matter whether you are a domestic cat or a lynx, like these two. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2013 / 36″ x 60″ / $4400

Morning Visitors

We just wanted to stop by and say hi. What a glorious day for a morning stroll through the neighborhood. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2013 / 36″ x 37″ /

Molly: Alter Ego

Being called “stubborn as a mule” is considered a compliment by some of us. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2012 / 64″ x 30″ / $2880


The majesty of the arctic wolf emerges from this almost life-sized rendition of Illiamna, the alpha wolf in his pack at the Mission: Wolf sanctuary in Southern Colorado. Commercial and hand-dyed fabrics were used to capture the curiosity and intelligence of this beautiful animal. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2011 / 45″ x 34″ / $3000a

Larry the Lounge Lizard

Larry may be a Komodo dragon during the day, but once the sun goes down, he dons his fancy duds and unleashes his inner lounge lizard. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2012 / 28″ x 35″ / $1300

I Hate Shoe Shopping

Getting a new set of shoes isn’t always fun. Can you tell Mac is less than impressed? It’s a good thing the rope is tight or he would be letting Ralph know how he feels. A little nip is all it would take. (I, too, hate shoe shopping.) Fabric Collage Quilt, 2011 / 22″ x […]

Friday’s Fish Fry

This local celebrity was enjoying a quiet dinner of carp when the paparazzi showed up. Thank you to the Boulder County Parks and Open Space for the use of their photograph. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2013 / 34″ x 44″ / $2200

Dance Warmups

Fabric Collage Quilt, 2013 / 30″ x 52″ / $1750

Are YOU My Mother?

A curious buffalo calf has a burning question: will he find his mother? Fabric Collage Quilt, 2012 / 28″ x 33″ / $1250

Birds in Flight

Riding the thermals high in the pines. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2012 / 29″ x 36″ / $1000

Beauty of the Beasts

Beauty knows it’s a jungle out there looking for the perfect mate, so she practices her come-hither look. See Beauty in person at the SAQA traveling show, Wild Fabrications. Coming to these venues near you. Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin – December 17, 2017 – February 25, 2018. Currently traveling with the SAQA […]

After the Bath

A white tiger caught in the middle of grooming. Impression of a Degas painting. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2011 / 23″ x 43″ / $1850

Stella Aquila

A Steller’s sea eagle surrounded by the constellation Aquila. Fabric Collage on Silk Kimono, 2014/ 49″ x 38″/ $1350

Summer Camp

1st Place—Raining Cats and Dogs, IQF 2014. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2014 / 39″ x 39″/ $3000

Street Cleaner

“You’re the only one I know that can make a Turkey Vulture pretty!” —Maggie C. Fabric Collage, 2015 / 20″ x 30″/ Framed $1600

City Slickers

Fabric Collage, 2015 / 20″ x 30″/ Framed $1600