Artmakers Denver

Why would anyone just 25 minuets up U.S. 36 in Boulder shell out the money to stay in a hotel in Denver? I can tell you: to totally immerse yourself in the experience that was Artmakers Denver, 2014.

I took a three-day class with Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. It was so wonderful to be totally immersed in the experience.  Our first day was spent just printing papers to be used in the collage the next day. How cool is that? I learned a lot.

It was wonderful to meet the other students and share ideas. I took a break at one point and wandered around the McNichols Civic Center Building to see what the other classes were doing.  After class let out, we had a wine and beer social before heading off for dinner, which if you were lucky was with another student so the conversation could continue.

There is so much that is similar and yet different in the way Elizabeth and I work. I will continue with the current series, but I am already toying with ideas about how to combine the two. Paper and fabric; stitch or paint? The possibilities are endless.