Tonight as I was returning home from a seminar on mason bees and xeriscaping, my mind started bouncing around. This is not a good thing when you are driving the narrow, winding, and windy Highway 93 between Golden and Boulder.

What got it going tonight was the happy convergence of a wonderful speaker painting pictures in my brain of bees and the recent announcement of a call for entry.

The previous Saturday I was out adding to the palette or, as some refer to it, the stash. I came up with the idea that my shopping buddies should pick a fabric that I would be required to use as inspiration in a new piece for this show. You can see it has a nice Aussie theme of kangaroos to it.

So the vision in my brain is of a mason bee belly-flopping with the greatest of abandon into a dandelion and sending the kangaroos flying,

You might ask what I’ve been smoking or drinking. The answer is nothing. This is just how my brain works at times.