Best Friend

An artist’s best friend and muse. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2013 / 59″ x 43″ / NFS

Attack of the Grackles

What seemed like a good idea turned into disaster for Drew when he came up against a plague of grackles. Let it be said that chasing fledgling grackles will result in the adults chasing you into the house. Lesson learned. Fabric Collage Quilt, 2008 / 41″ x 43″ / NFS

The Healing Power of Touch

There are times that unconditional, unquestioning love is the best medicine. Fabric Collage, 2014 / 24″ x 24″/ NFS

Can We Talk about the Steak?

I was enjoying a nice steak and lobster dinner for New Year’s Eve when I got the “look.” How could I resist? After getting a quick shot with my iPhone—I knew there was a quilt in the look—I cut a small piece of steak and lobster to share with Drew. After all, we were also […]

Sun Worship

Last in the series of 13 Drews. This was that last nice fall day. While we raked leaves Drew sat in the middle of them and soaked up the warmth of the sun. Fabric Collage, 2015 / 20″ x 24″ / NFS