It’s Party Time!

I am one of four members of the Boulder Loose Threads (BLT) critique group. Cynthia, Leah, Liz, and I formed the group as an offshoot of a Heather Thomas design class. At the time I was happily doing my needlepoint and just tickled that the quilters in BLT were willing to let me hang out with them. Little did I know that soon I would be cranking out quilts, especially lots of animal quilts. My menagerie is 35 at last count and expanding rapidly.
Early on, BLT started the traditions of weekend retreats in the mountains, dye days in Cynthia’s garage, and lots of creative challenges to keep us on our toes. On one of the dye days, I brought old doilies and a well-worn dresser scarf complete with crochet edging instead of the normal fabric. Before we left that day, we challenged ourselves to use our newly dyed goodies in a quilt. I chose to use the dresser scarf, refurbished in shades of red-orange, as the background for a pair of llamas. I don’t know what it is about a llama that asks for—no, demands—crazy colors, but these two turned out violet and green. By the time I had finished the quilt, it was apparent that the colorful llamas had just stepped out of a party. So they became The Party Animals.
Fast-forward almost two years, and the llamas are at it again. The Party Animals stole the heart of Liz Spears, juror for Weave: Fiber Celebration 2012, and the quilt became part of the exhibition. After their run in Longmont, the llamas will be taking their party on the road to their new home in North Carolina. And I will be sporting a gorgeous, hand-woven garment at my next party. Thank you, Liz.
Weave: A Celebration of Fiber Arts
Fiber Celebration 2012
March 10—April 29, 2012
Longmont Museum and Cultural Center
400 Quail Rd, Longmont, CO