I was reminded the other day that muscle memory is used in many areas of our lives. I read more books on my iPhone now than I do “real” books. When I picked up a book recently, I found myself tapping the page expecting it to turn.

Then I had a rental car for a week that was keyless. I never did get over reaching to turn off the key. Though I did quickly pick up the push-button start. I then switched over to driving my husband’s truck and had the hardest time finding the shift on the steering column.

Building muscle memory by teaching your hands to move in a set rhythm is the key to enjoying quilting. When you are told to practice, practice, practice, you are teaching the muscles how to move without your thinking about it.

Something else I have heard often is to have a glass of wine before you sit down to quilt, or to put on music to relax. I’ve been thinking about why that is helpful. Is it that you need a clean slate to imprint the new movement on? I think so. But maybe I should do some more research. This time with a nice Merlot.