You can’t believe how excited I was to find out I was selected as one of the artists to have a show at NCAR. And then reality set in . . . and I’m still excited. There have been so many things to think about, learn, and then implement.
•   The first thing I learned is that when you apply for an opportunity like this you better be ready to hang on short notice.  I had roughly a month and a half to prepare. •   You need to be flexible. I was hoping for an early June reception, but due to numerous vacations and scheduling between three people we will have a reception midway through the show, July 5.

•   Don’t wait to the last minute to learn a new program or gather names and addresses for your mailing. I signed up with MailChimp a year ago and then didn’t do anything else with it. Big mistake! If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet you can do so by going to the Contact page on my website.
 •   Fishing line and zip ties are the artist’s equivalent of duct tape. When all else fails, use them to hang your art and labels.
 •   Don’t forget to ask for help. I didn’t think about needing help hanging my show until that morning. I did it all by myself ,but it would have gone faster with a helper. So who wants to help take down on August 3?

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the lull before I have to think about the reception on July 5.
 Oh right! I still need to address and send out the postcards! Off to work for me.