Carousel of Happiness in Nederland, CO.

Most of my life I have been painfully shy around people I didn’t know, and even people I did know. I was the one hiding behind my mother’s skirt at the birthday party.

There was a time when walking into a room of 55 people, only four of whom I had met over dinner the night before, would have been impossible for me.  Heck, walking into a restaurant to have dinner with strangers never would have happened. Thankfully, I am getting over all that because there is nothing more inspiring than 55 artists in a room together!

The artists came from coast to coast and Canada, working in every medium, from newbies just starting out in business, to seasoned professionals. We were meeting for two days of “Art Biz Makeover: Possibilities, Profits, and Priorities.”

The room was on fire with conversation and laughter and dancing during the breaks to Katy Perry’s “Eye of the Tiger.” At times the emotions were painfully real and raw. The ideas spilled over into the evening with dinner and drinks. At the end of the day, I was exhausted. I felt brain dead, and yet I was full of energy.

Would I do this again?  You bet! Every chance I get.

You’re gonna hear me roar!