The Healing Power of Touch @2014 Barbara Yates Beasley

A faithful companion waits at the feet of his guardian. Have the two just returned from a romp in the field? Has he finished his meal and is relaxing for the night? We sense the love and contentment between them.

I completed a piece recently for a show at Adventist Hospitals (found out tonight it was accepted), and my niece, who is a hospice nurse, recently visited me. The two events have been swirling in my head, making me think about what we get from touch—be it the touch of another human or an animal.

I know from experience that hugging my dog while my husband was in ICU was the greatest comfort I have felt. Not that hugs from family were not good, but the dog didn’t require me to say anything. There are times that unconditional, unquestioning love is the best medicine.

Have you ever experienced that comfort from a pet, be it a dog or cat?