The Why

I’m a working artist. I love to sell my work, but that is not the reason I make art. I make art to touch another human soul. Today, the favor was returned by the employees and clients of Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital. My heart was filled to overflowing with the stories and thanks I received during the takedown of the show.

I loved hearing the stories about the groups of ladies that came in just to see the art, the client who used my business cards to keep his mind occupied while he waited three hours as his furry companion was being cared for, the employee who found the hidden messages in the quilting and then encouraged clients to look for the writing. The visitors in the lobby didn’t just walk by—they engaged with the animals and, by extension, with me.

I understand that often there was a desire from the public to touch the art. Rather than be upset, it made me smile that people were so intrigued. Although these are not the comfort quilts that you wrap around your shoulders when you need a hug, they still worked in the same way, giving clients and employees a virtual hug as they passed by.

I am happy to have the crew home, where they will soon grace my walls again. It has been a little quiet with them gone. And yet, I wish they could have stayed at CSU and continued their work as therapy animals. So there will be another group of therapy animals doing their magic in the waiting area of the CSU Veterinary Hospital during November and December of 2017.

Time to think about who will be in the next therapy group. I have a deadline.

Who is your therapy animal?