I’ve been working furiously in the studio. Too bad you can’t see what I’ve been doing.

I have completed the first, and now I’m working on the second quilt, to submit  to Raining Cats and Dogs in Houston. This is the same show that Drew was in last year with Best Friend.

Since the show is about pets, and especially cats and dogs, Drew is front and center in Can We Talk About the Steak? The second has dogs from the extended family and cats from the neighborhood. The title is Summer Camp, though it might just as easily have been Not to Scale.

Had I been thinking more in terms of scale—instead of getting a pleasing grouping of animals—the cats would have been smaller. But people are engaging with the quilt and imagining what is going on in the mind of each animal. To me that is more important than being 100-percent accurate in scale.

Isn’t that why an artist creates? To engage the viewer and convey an idea?