A Note from Roxy

You know those days when it’s just too nice to stay inside? Like the middle of November and the sky is a brilliant blue, the sun is beating down, and it must be at least 50 degrees. Today was one of those days. I decided it was time to put on my work duds and take mom for a walk.

She has been spending way too much time in the studio, I think. I took it easy on her and we walked about a mile and a half in the neighborhood. We were coming up 30th street headed home when I was caught in one of the biggest dilemmas in my life. On the right, just off the sidewalk, was a squirrel that froze when it saw me and, on the left, was the FedEx truck just turning the corner. What was any self-respecting dog to do? Chase the squirrel or bark to scare off the FedEx man? I couldn’t decide. Then in the flick of the tail they had both gone on their merry way while I stood in indecision.  ~Roxy, Studio Muse

I know how Roxy felt, being pulled in different directions by the squirrels and shiny objects. I’ve been plagued by my own squirrels lately. This has been a busy year with more travel to teach than any previous year. Most notably was a five-week trip to the Midwest and East Coast in August and September. It was a lovely time meeting new students, reconnecting with previous students, and seeing parts of our country I hadn’t seen before. I even snuck in a few days with family and a wonderful friend I’ve known since grade school.

Just prior to the trip I was gifted a class for my 60th birthday from a really good friend that many of you have heard me talk about. Her name is Jeanne, and she was the one that 14 years ago gifted me a class on fabric pet portraits. Which is why I do what I do now. This year it was a class on Scratch Board. If you are not familiar with the term it is art created by scratching an India ink covered clay board with a sharp instrument that creates a white line. I am addicted to this new way to create my animal inspired art.

Another shiny object pulling me from the fabric design board is an online class with Elizabeth St. Hilaire on torn paper collage. I am working on a dog, of course.

Despite the squirrel running around with bling I have still created new art and completed commissions. What I haven’t done is keep up a blog. I would like to remedy that because there are so many photos and stories to share with you.

So, until next time . . . have fun chasing the squirrel.