It’s So Easy to Fall Off the Blogging Wagon

You might be wondering where I’ve been if you only check this website and blog. If, on the other hand, you follow me on Facebook or even on Instagram, you know I haven’t dropped off Mother Earth. I’ve just been a little under the radar for the last six months getting to know the newest studio muse.

After Drew passed away, my hubby was adamant that we needed to wait before bringing another dog home. I wasn’t sure how I would cope with that; prior to February 9, 2016, I had only been dogless for 24 hours in my whole life. This time we lasted six days. I checked the Boulder Valley Humane Society and many other rescue websites multiple times a day looking for the perfect replacement. Then one day the BVHS website went down and stayed down for more than 24 hours. I know—I was checking.

The morning the website came back up there was a listing for Roxy: Border Collie/Lab mix, 1-year old female. She had the most beautiful bright eyes, and ears that were huge! Most of all she reminded me of our dog Amy, who was the sweetest-tempered dog we’ve ever had. I put Roxy on hold and by 4 p.m. that day she was our newest family member.

The next day she climbed the tree in our deck, just like Amy would do. Only Roxy goes higher and is more agile with her climbing. She is excited to meet new people—strangers are only friends she hasn’t met yet. She loves the water, biting it as it cascades over rocks. She’s learning to swim, and she keeps a watchful eye on the running water in what she considers her fountain in the backyard.

Roxy is so affectionate compared to Drew’s aloofness. I often think she is the yang to his yin. I now awaken each morning to a dog snuggling up for belly rubs while I stretch before getting out of bed. And it’s not just me. Roxy will sit on Jack’s footstool to get his attention, or gently place her chin on his knee if he’s fallen asleep in the chair. Just today as we sat chatting with a neighbor on her front stoop, Roxy leaned in to get more loving and then promptly sat on Carol’s lap.

The job of artist’s muse has come naturally to Roxy. Her eyes are fascinating to study, so large and variable in color, looking anywhere from golden to amber to an interesting golden/green. The ears are huge radar antennas, twisting and turning to catch the slightest sound. Her silky black coat is the perfect blank canvas to try out any color I can come up with. In fact, the first two of the Rainbow Roxy series are finished: “Roxy Sings the Blues” and “Green with Envy,” which is October’s artwork in my 2017 “Animals with Attitude” calendar.

I started January by picking “Laugh” as my word for the year. With losing Drew, my brother Robert, and two cousins, Sanford and Mike, all in the first few months this year, I sometimes had to work at the laughter. Roxy has brought me laughter in spades.

This is the start of a beautiful relationship. Now to get back on that blogging wagon.