Faking it for the camera in 1977.

I like to listen to audio books while I work. The most recent books have been autobiographical about women who have hidden parts to their lives. Examples include hiding a schizophrenic mother, face blindness, and overcoming visual-spatial learning disabilities.

That got me to thinking about what have I kept secret.

For the longest time I was a closet artist. I would happily create for myself but hated if anyone watched me. In high school I spent most of my time in Ms. Schaper’s art room. It was the most comfortable place for me, and yet it was also extremely stressful. I never thought my work was as good as that of the other students. If someone looked over my shoulder to see what I was working on, it would bring me to a screeching halt. I couldn’t work if I was being watched.

Today as my hubby sat on the studio couch watching me work on the latest animal, I realized just how far I have come since high school.  There have been baby steps along the way, first hiding behind a camera to create, playing at the edge of craft and art, and then working with an editor who loved critiquing over my shoulder as I made changes to book covers.

Now I seek out people to critique my work. I crave that input that helps me grow. And I in turn am learning to be a nurturing soul for other creative souls.

No longer am I that artist hiding in the closet. I have found my voice and am singing a joyful song.