How to Paint a House

Me: “I want the light purple on the siding and the dark purple on the house trim.”

Painter: “Where do you want the gray?”

Me: “There isn’t any gray.”

Painter: “This gray” (shows me a sample).

Me: “That’s the light purple.”

Painter: “No, it’s gray!”

Me: “OK, gray on the siding and purple on the trim.”

Painter: “You can’t paint all the trim purple. It’s too dark.’

Me: “It’s my house—there is no HOA to tell me no. You’ll paint the trim purple. Any other questions?”

Depending on the light, I live in a house that is red brick, with lavender/gray siding and dark purple trim. My kitchen is a deep royal blue with creamy yellow cabinets. The dining room has a purple wall. The guest room is burgundy, the laundry a sunshine yellow. One bath is sea foam and purple, the other blue and brown. The master bedroom is a soothing sage green.

Is it any wonder my quilts are populated with purple mules and blue gorillas? Color makes me happy!