There I was up to my elbows in raspberry jam, my all-time favorite, even better than chokecherry! I am fortunate to have a friend with raspberry bushes that are producing a bounty of berries this year, and she invited me to come pick them.

The kitchen was overflowing with the sweet smell of raspberries and sugar boiling. Normally I don’t like to be interrupted when it comes to filling the jars and getting the lids on. But that day when the phone rang, I made a few grumbling noises as I quickly peeked at the caller ID—sterilized lid in one hand, filled jar waiting to be capped in the other—and saw that the call was from Quilts, Inc., and a 713 area code. As I turned back to the jar, it suddenly hit me that this was a call I just might want to take. See I had two quilts accepted in the special exhibit Raining Cats and Dogs at IQA in Houston. I slapped the lid on the jar and grabbed the phone.

I will be traveling to Houston in October, compliments of Quilts, Inc., to accept the check for First Place for my quilt Summer Camp! I’m sure you are dying to see a photo of these two dogs and their three cat friends. Sorry! The photos are still under wraps until the show opens in Houston.

Until then I have to say this is the best raspberry jam I think I’ve ever made. Every time I slather a thick layer of jam on my toast, my pulse quickens and I do a little happy dance remembering Carmen telling me that I won first place.

There is nothing sweeter!