When there is only one three-day workshop you want at an “Urban Art Retreat,” you double-check everything to ensure that all the “i’s are dotted and the “t”s crossed.  You also get up early the day early-bird registration opens so you can get it done and in the mail with the earliest postmark possible.

So, when almost a month later that same envelope is returned to your mailbox covered in no fewer than five undeliverable stickers, your heart drops through the floor . . . all the way to the crawl space!

Knowing there was nothing to do until the next morning didn’t help my sleep at all. I did do some research and discovered that the problem was an incorrect ZIP code on the registration form.  The next morning I waited until a reasonable hour to call the event coordinator and explain about the ZIP code and my returned registration form. Thankfully there was still space in the workshop I was told. Back into the hands of USPS and a day later I received the confirmation by email.

After all the fretting, I am registered for a three-day workshop in September with Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. I’ve downloaded the supply list, looked it over, and now the question is “Can I find a roll-along bag that will hold all the art materials . . . and maybe a change of clothes or two?”