I have a confession.

Tonight I was headed to a meeting of one of the alphabet soup groups of which I am a member. It doesn’t matter which. Halfway there I made a detour to get coffee.

For most of the day, I had been answering email, making calls, juggling schedules for a number of the alphabet soup. Nothing had been accomplished for my own business of art making. And I just couldn’t bear spending my evening doing more of the same. I had reached my limit.

The coffee spot I stopped at was getting ready to close, so I found myself at Barnes and Noble. Since I was there, I decided to peruse the art books. On my way across the store, I started to hear strains of live guitar music.

There is little more satisfying and soothing to my soul! I listened. I sketched. I wrote. I sat still. I watched the storm roll off the Flatirons and the rainbow come out just as the sun set behind the hills.

Once again I have found my center by taking the time to feed my soul.

Tomorrow I can be a productive, active member of society. How do you stay centered?