Taking the Leap—One Small Step at a Time

Indian Summer © 2012 Barbara Yates Beasley

When the speaker at a recent meeting advised “taking the leap,” it struck a chord with me because of where I was in the process of completing “Indian Summer.”


The top was completed and ready to layer and stitch, but I wasn’t completely happy with it yet. Through trial and error, I have learned that most of my work hits a stage where I think it is pretty crappy, but if I just have faith in my process, it usually works out fine in the end. This night, I decided to follow the speaker’s advice and take a leap of faith by adding surface design with Shiva Paint Sticks, something I had never done on fabric that is already incorporated in a quilt.


At the time I was doing it, it felt like I was really getting into the surface design process and putting a lot of marks on the fabric. I have since finished the piece and now realize that I barely changed the look of the fabric. Sometimes you have to start with baby steps before you can run a marathon.