Power Suit Update

Back in October I told you about the Power Suit challenge and that the artists were asked not to reveal what they had done until after the show opened. But by then I was off creating other works and forgot to do the big reveal. This week I finally got around to ordering the CD of “Power Suits: An Art Quilt Challenge.” Boy, was I impressed with the creativity of the group.

The show will be traveling to at least two venues between now and January 2013. Please visit the Power Suit challenge website for the most updated information about the exhibit. If you have a chance to see these quilts in person, I highly recommend it, or you can order the CD and see them like I did.

Now on to the reveal.


Canine Power Suit

Power (strong) suit —something that one excels in. My quilts are dominated by the family of canines around me. They are my muses, my teachers. With them I have explored new heights, wandered trails of discovery, and found a home. Together we are meeting the challenges ahead of us.


Many of you may recognize my boy Drew in the upper right corner, who is my alpha muse. Moving clockwise, we have Lucy, who lives with a friend; Grace, a friend’s dog who unfortunately is no longer with us; and a very handsome German shepherd I met only briefly. I picked these four canines primarily because I was restricted to using the fabric samples from the challenge, and these dogs matched the fabrics.