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At the Flower Power reception, Martha Jean Jacobs, Frances Purcell, Ada Harvey, and Grace, peeking over their shoulders. Photo credit: Arts Center in Orange.

Grace from the Canine Power Suit foursome is seen hamming it up for the camera at the Arts Center in Orange, VA.
The Arts Center has a tradition of inviting floral arrangers to visit an exhibit and interpret the art in a floral arrangement. As winners of the Orange County Art in Flowers event gathered recently to have their photo taken, Grace couldn’t help but look over their shoulders.
Winners of the competition were:  
First Place: Martha Jean Jacobs interpreting “Cognition” by art quilter Amy Morusiewicz
 Second Place: Anne Meade Faulconer interpreting “The Power within a Suit of a Different Color” by art quilter Susan Fernandez
Third Place: Ada Harvey interpreting “Fruit of Life” by art quilter Pat Peeler