Out with the Old

About 3/4 of the stash now moved to the bookshelves and out of the closet.

Every year our Christmas tree comes down on New Year’s Eve or Day. The stockings are put away, and the lilac bush in the yard is stripped of its lights. Some years the lights stay up a little longer because of snow or bitter cold. We have had plenty of that since Christmas, but we have also had a few beautiful, warm days.

When I pull out the vacuum to get the last of the tinsel up, it starts a rash of cleaning and purging. I assume it is a desire to start the New Year with a clean slate or make space for Christmas gifts we received. Last year it was the kitchen that took the brunt of the purging as I carted box after box of duplicate dishes, never used cordial glasses, and pans out the door.

This year it’s the studio that is being cleaned out. I have discovered a store that will take craft items for consignment. So boxes of books, fabric, yarn, needlepoint canvas, and other weird stuff that can’t be categorized has been dropped off. As tempting as it was to come home with new items from the store, I was able to keep myself to two items for less than $2.50. So far I’m ahead!

This is going to allow me to move the fabric I have in the closet out to the shelves in the studio. It means shuffling books into the closet, but as it was pointed out to me, I use the fabric far more often that I do the books. As a bonus it will be more accessible for students in my classes also.

I wonder what else I can get rid of?