Tiger and Rosy.

Who can resist the sweet smell of a baby? The scent of fresh beef as they lick your face and sniff your breath. Yes, I prefer the four-footed, canine version of baby. Rosie and Tiger, who had been gnawing on raw beef bones before slobbering on my face, were 11 weeks old when I had the chance to spend a morning visiting them and stocking up on photos.
Tracy and Kent from Mission: Wolf brought them, along with Luna and staff members, to Boulder for a visit at Dragonfly Coffee Roasters.  It was a morning of heavenly coffee, Tracy’s beautiful art, and the wolves. I couldn’t have been happier.

With the low light and active pups, there were a few very blurry photos among the rest. I really like the one where—even in mid-shake—Rosie is keeping her eye on the human child. I’ve narrowed it down from over a hundred photos to fourteen of my favorites. I now need to select a couple to turn into works of art.
I thought that when I got home Drew would be interested in the beef-scented wolf slobber on my face. But instead he was very insistent in pointing out that I had also sat in wolf pee. That was far more interesting, he thought!