Colorado Representative for SDA

What is SDA you might ask? Let me tell you.

Surface Design Association is an international group of artists, designers, students, teachers, and anyone interested in textiles and fiber art. With the Surface Design magazine, conferences, and exhibits, SDA promotes awareness and appreciation of design, and inspires creativity.

Not to mention there are some very cool people in the organization!

So why did I decide to take over the position of rep for Colorado? It was a convergence of many factors, starting with the SDA Award of Excellence I received at Fiber Celebration 2013, the start-up of a new SDA critique group, and the end of my tenure as Evening Chair for the Handweaver’s Guild of Boulder.

I had been a member of SDA for about a year, but other than reading the magazine and scanning emails and blogs as they came in, I hadn’t been very involved. I hadn’t even filled in my member profile on the SDA website. That all changed after the award.

I had met Kristi Baca, the rep I will be succeeding, when SDA and Front Range Contemporary Quilters hung a joint show at Red Rocks Community College in January 2012. It was hard work, but we had fun and I learned a lot. So when she asked me to consider taking over the rep position, I gave it serious thought and decided to take it on. Having a willing cohort in Linda Strand for ambassador didn’t hurt either.

I think it will be a wonderful experience, and I look forward to meeting and working with incredibly creative artists. It seems there is a bit of an overlap with FRCQ and SAQA. so I already have some friendly faces around me.